Community College: The Pros and Cons of Enrolling

Published: 10th April 2009
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There are pros and cons of attending a community college. Each of these should be evaluated before you enter into their college courses. For some professions, long-term community college credits are frowned upon when applying to graduate programs. Use this list to decide if community college is right for you.

Pros of Community College

1.Better Bang for the Buck

Community college tuition is much cheaper than a school that offers bachelor's degrees. If you are unsure of what college degree in which you would like to major, then a community college will keep the college course fees down while you attend the basic required curriculum.

2.Smaller Class Size

Community college class sizes are much smaller than larger schools. While larger schools have lecture halls with hundreds of students per professor, the small community colleges offer small class size and professors who are able to give personalized attention to their students.

3.Entry Level Acceptance

If you received poor grades in high school, or you never took some of the college tests required to get into a standard college, then community college gives you the second chance to show some 'A's in college courses that will look good on transfer applications. Community college gives you a chance to earn scholarships and ways to get into top colleges around the country.

Cons of Community College

1.Not as Prestigious as a Standard College

Community college credits show up on your transfer paperwork. Many professors will make you redo college course credits before acceptance into their lecture at a standard college. Graduate schools may also frown upon community college credits and ask you to retake college courses at the undergraduate university level.

2.Limited Choices

Community colleges are meant to be associate degree schools offering standard, core college courses required for any degree. Community colleges don't typically offer a wide range of classes available to students like a standard college.

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